Complex Problems
       Realistic Solutions

Welcome to Precise Protective Research…

Precise Protective Research specializes in investigations and security services. Our portfolio of public sector experience complemented by our global corporate clients, places us in a position to meet the needs, identify the problems, and find solutions to the most complex issues facing the world today.

At Precise, we are ready to meet the complex challenges facing corporations, businesses, and individuals, and to design, develop, and implement realistic solutions.
Violence in the workplace, internal theft, embezzlement, trade secrets disputes, intellectual property espionage…. These are all terms too common in today’s business world. Risk assessment, background investigations, computer fraud, substance abuse testing, emergency management, and corporate due diligence, are all a part of today’s new vocabulary of the worlds business community. The Precise “team” is ready and able to assist you in developing a strategy to deal with these problems and more….and to protect the interests of “your” business.

A Global Corporation with headquarters in Miami, Florida, Precise was founded in 1997. Precise has become a top provider in delivering the highest quality services to leading corporations, individuals and government agencies. At Precise, we strive to achieve professional results, minimizing risk, and ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service, confidentiality, and accountability.

At Precise, we offer unparalleled services that exceed industry standards and ensure maximum results and satisfaction. At Precise, our staff will train and prepare your key personnel to identify and develop an internal plan to mitigate security risks and offer solutions to potential problems. Precise will train your employees and staff to recognize the “signs” and to act accordingly and quickly. The Training Division at Precise Protective Institute is designed to keep pace with the changes occurring every day in the workplace, and our staff has the expertise and qualities to ensure you are completely protected. Our “team” is comprised of seasoned professionals with a full and broad range of experience. Many members of our staff are former Law Enforcement Personnel who posses a wide range of National and International expertise, unmatched in our industry. In today’s environment…You have to Know your competitors, your partners, your vendors, your employees, and your customers. At Precise we will give you the necessary tools to “Do Your Homework”...

At Precise, we also have “state of the art” expertise and technology to provide the services you need to safeguard the infrastructure of your supply chain security and to ensure compliance with the stringent regulatory procedures that are already in place, and are constantly changing. Our “team” is seasoned in the areas of counter terrorism assessments, internal thefts, smuggling, and more. We can meet with you and assess your needs in this very complex area.

Our company offers a professional security procedure plan which is solid, and above and beyond the competition, enhanced by the latest technology in drug and explosive detection. Our security plans are tailored to our client’s needs, but maintain an uncompromising focus on all current Federal Acts and Regulations. Precise Protective Research Inc. is qualified and prepared to act as a liaison with U.S. and International Law Enforcement agencies, and to maintain a strong relationship and open dialogue with these agencies, giving your business unparalleled protection and integrity.

The Precise “team” has a vision and a strategy that includes the highest commitment to the ethical needs of our clients. Precise has a leadership program that emphasizes personal and professional growth, with ongoing training that places us on the “cutting edge” of technology, innovation, and maximum client satisfaction.

At Precise, client satisfaction is at the forefront of all that we do. Our staff is positioned to satisfy the needs of clients anywhere in the world. With multi-lingual consultants and investigators, we are ready and able to evaluate and respond to the problems of a diverse community of businesses, and ensure that the integrity of our work is consistent with the laws governing intellectual property rights as well as the performance of appropriate due diligence.

We at Precise look forward to meeting with you, evaluating your needs, and becoming a key to your future needs, ensuring your success and growth in the years to come.