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Background Services and Screening

At Precise, Background Services are a key component in dealing with the diverse client base we serve. Today's businesses world is complex, and requires the verification and accuracy of information regarding applicants, their previous employment and educational history, confirmation of credentials, as well as thorough criminal and civil arrest records and court documents. The days when hiring decisions were simply accepting a recommendation, an interview and a strong handshake are long gone.

Our Solutions
Today, the business community requires, and must have sophisticated selection protocols to determine the best candidates, and the capabilities to eliminate those not qualified for a particular position or assignment. Multiple factors must be considered in order to make an informed decision, with issues such as negligent hiring liability, falsification of employment applications, employee theft, industrial espionage, violence in the workplace, etc.. Employee selection protocols are "business essentials" that must be designed to guide management to make the right selection of prospective employees. It is the highest priority in the hiring process to ensure you know all the information available about your potential employee and their background.

Precise Protective Research will reveal if the applicant has ever been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony offenses in the US and abroad. Precise can verify the information provided by the applicant, including dates of employment, positions held, performance reports, reasons for leaving the previous employment, and verification of references and performance evaluations. Precise provides the insight into the applicant's job performance from the inception. Precise will give you all the details of the candidate's financial history and whether there is derogatory information that might expose you to risk in this vital area Is the candidate deeply in debt or have outstanding judgments? Today, more than ever it's important to verify the date an employee's social security number was issued, whether or not the applicant has established a credit history, or if the data matches the applicant's name.

Precise will ensure a thorough investigation to fit your individual needs and it will be conducted in a manner that is commensurate with the position, and we will provide information that is thorough, accurate, and consistent with your requirements.