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Why Precise

Vision and History
Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Precise Protective Research and their management team come from a historically "involved" background of public and community service. As former Law Enforcement employees and executives, they were brought up in an atmosphere of "giving back" to their communities. The commitment has grown, and now, as an independent corporation with strong ties and roots to the South Florida and Miami communities, the leadership and company involvement has intensified.And it will continue to flourish.

The Precise team is constantly striving to "volunteer" their time and services to individuals and organizations with needs. This is a part of the value system and and strong sense of partnership we feel for those who can use our help, and where our team can improve the quality of life for others.

At Precise, we all feel a sense of responsibility to make the lives of our citizens better, and we are always going to be there to help make this happen. This is our culture and a reflection of the quality of our staff and management team. We care!