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Drug Contamination Analysis

Our Approach.
Precise provides comprehensive programs for the prevention of drug use, drug detection, and contamination analysis through the application of non-intrusive detection methods. Our methods have been proven to be highly effective in areas of illegal drug contamination. Our screening process has the following key features.

  • Individuals do no need to be present
  • Non-Intrusive
  • No blood or urine required


It is a proven fact that illegal drug use and the sale of drugs in the workplace can cost companies large amounts of money. From work production factors, safety, disrupting moral, it is important for companies to seek out, and effectively manage situations involving drug use. Productivity is lost when employees are involved in any kind of substance abuse. Precise can tailor a program for you to ensure your company maintains a drug free work environment.


The Precise Detection Screening Program for schools is a comprehensive program developed together with school administrators. The program identifies "hot" spots to allow administrators to deploy "counter measures" to remove the drug element. Precise personnel have years of experience in working with schools to ensure they are safe and free of illegal drugs.


Driving Under the influence, (DUI) claims lives and destroys families. By screening vehicles, we can quickly conclude that the operator of the vehicle or its occupants are using, or are in possession of drugs. This allows the proper and immediate action to be taken in the interests of safety. Precise can perform vehicle screening for individuals, corporations, Government agencies, fleet businesses, and other entities involved with vehicles or any form of mechanical equipment.


The Precise Detection Home Screen is intended to detect the presence of drugs in homes and provide assurances and information to the occupants regarding the presence of drugs. Because of this unique process, families can initiate an important step in a very sensitive situation with peace of mind. Precise has had years of experience in handling these types of situations, and our staff is experienced in dealing with these issues of extreme sensitivity and discretion.