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Executive Protection

Our Approach.
Precise provides personal protection for corporations and private individuals on an ongoing or emergency basis, utilizing a world-wide network of highly trained and experienced individuals with the skills and discretion to fulfill your every need.

Precise personnel are experienced, trained, and certified men and women, capable of carrying out their duties in business and social settings, both domestically and internationally. Our staff is carefully selected for each assignment according to their area of responsibility and the specific needs of the client and the particular surroundings. We will find the right person to fulfill your specific needs.

Precise has forged professional teams, experienced in the protection of recognized world leaders, a very specialized field, requiring years of training and experience, and the highest degree of "clearances" for this type of assignment. Precise continues to be a leader in this field and we are able to develop strategies to handle organized "protection details" for dignitaries, corporate executives, and celebrities. Meet with a member of our staff for a comprehensive assessment of your requirements, and how Precise can find the solutions you need.

Precise can arrange violence mitigation at scheduled corporate firings or takeovers, security for stockholders meetings, conferences and conventions, and any other type of specialized protection you need. We organize and arrange protective services for executive travel worldwide, with emphasis on safety and security.

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