Complex Problems
       Realistic Solutions


At Precise, we approach each and every investigation with one goal in mind. Client satisfaction is always our primary objective. Our team will evaluate your case, determine a strategy, meet and discuss all the potential outcomes with you, and we will use our decades of investigative experience to develop a plan of action that will meet your needs and expectations. Precise has the expertise to provide domestic and global investigations, from the most complex corporate and business cases, to individual cases, all requiring the utmost discretion and professionalism. Whether criminal or civil, our case managers are fully trained and educated in all domestic and international laws and regulations, to ensure the integrity of the case is fully protected in every way.

Our Expertise
Corporate fraud, both criminal and civil, embezzlement, forensic analysis, trademark infringement, computer crimes, loss prevention, risk assessment, asset recovery, records searches, identity theft, insurance investigations, due diligence, and appropriate "expert witness" testimony and court preparation, are all a part of the Precise expertise that always has "client satisfaction" in the forefront of everything we do.

As the world is constantly changing, new and complex challenges continue to confront businesses, government, and individuals, as they strive to compete in this ever changing environment.
We at Precise continue to keep pace with the "cutting edge" of investigative techniques and strategies facing us all today.
Precise is able to assist you and satisfy your most complex needs in the areas of compliance, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, counterfeit and "grey market" merchandise issues, regulatory analysis, international business analysis, corporate sabotage, identity theft, workplace threats and violence, and litigation consulting to the legal profession. Additionally, we at Precise have extensive experience in handling "missing persons" cases, and networking on these sensitive cases with appropriate law enforcement agencies, when appropriate.

Contact Precise today and arrange to speak with us about protecting your business and personal interests, and to determine how the Precise team can assist you.