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Eladio M. Paez
President and CEO

Eladio M. Paez was a highly decorated sworn Police Specialist, with over 25 years of experience and measurable achievements administering and leading civilian security and law enforcement personnel. Mr. Paez has proven and impeccable qualifications in strategic and tactical operations, organizational leadership, and executive management. Paez has been, and is consistently recognized for having delivered quality service, dedication to duty, leadership and management skills. He is a visionary with experience in working with private sector corporations, and has the ability to build cohesive and productive teams.

Honorably retired from the City of Miami Police Department where he served in the Special Investigation Section, (SIS) he conducted and managed numerous high level investigations, dealing with public corruption, money laundering and joint undercover operations with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in both Central and South America, and acquiring extensive knowledge of the drug and money laundering trade. Since his retirement in 2004, Eladio M. Paez has managed Precise Protective Research Inc., producing noted success in civil and criminal international investigations. Precise has become a leader in its field and has developed a reputation for the highest levels of ethics and professionalism. Mr. Paez has built a "state of the art" organization, utilizing his experience, executive leadership skills, and a management philosophy built on client service and satisfaction.

Mr. Paez has provided expert testimony in the US Senate and Congress, as well as in Municipal, State, and Federal Courts of Law. He has been quoted in many national and international publications including USA Today, Newsweek Magazine, and The Miami Herald, among others. He has been interviewed by Reuter's news agency, CBS, A&E Cable Network, Telemundo, Univision and various other news agencies throughout Latin America, Europe and Australia, on issues such as the narcotics trade, money laundering and narco-terrorism. In 2002, he was contracted as technical advisor for Columbia Pictures in the film Bad Boys II. In 2005 he coordinated and supervised the overseas executive security team for the motion picture "Miami Vice". As President and CEO of Precise, Eladio M. Paez is placing "Precise" at the top of its professional field, and growing the company into new areas to deal with the rapid changes facing the world today.

Lewis R. Perry
Vice President

Lewis R. Perry has thirty five (35) years of experience in international investigations and "intelligence gathering" in the Caribbean and South America. Prior to being with Precise, Mr. Perry was with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for 32 years, specializing in financial investigations and money laundering. Mr. Perry has extensive experience in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean, having supervised investigations in the majority of the countries in the region.

Lewis Perry served four (4) years as the Senior Law Enforcement Liaison to the Commander of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami, Florida. In this position, he coordinated and advised the Department of Defense in narco-terrorisn and money laundering matters in this hemisphere. He has extensive experience working with law enforcement and intelligence gathering agencies overseas. Lewis Perry is a Senior Executive and is intimately involved in the growth and development of Precise.

Mr. Perry attended West Chester State University, and graduated with a B.S. in Spanish. Mr. Perry is now utilizing his decades of public service to "partner" in building Precise Protective Research into one of the leaders in its field.