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Precise Protective Research offers reliable and professional service of judicial documents, civil and criminal subpoenas, and "time sensitive" documents, throughout the Miami-Dade and Broward County, Florida areas. Our servers are registered and certified and many of them have had years of public service experience, many as Law Enforcement Officers in Florida. This expertise guarantees utmost professionalism and courtesy, and also ensures our ability to deal with confrontational and difficult situations that often arise when serving documents to individuals who are, at times, not happy to receive notices of court proceedings.
Precise knows how to find individuals who might be difficult to locate and could possibly be "avoiding" service.
Additionally, Precise has full capabilities to file new cases and pleadings, obtain certified copies of documents, record documents into the "public record", and search and retrieve documents for all types of cases. This includes County, State, and the Federal Courts.
Precise servers are available on a twenty four (24) hour basis, and all "urgent and rush" situations are treated accordingly. Multi-party and non-routine cases, requiring complex coordination, are readily handled by our professional staff.
Precise will provide e-mail status updates upon request.
Prices are available upon request.
Contact Precise today via phone or e-mail, and be assured of a timely response.