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Security Plus

Our Approach...
Precise "Security Plus" is a program designed by Precise Protective Research to staff the "physical security" needs of our clients. Protect your business with the tools needed to succeed. Our experienced and professionally trained officers will assist you in maintaining "peace of mind" by knowing that your assets are protected with the utmost professionalism and attention. Our security officers are trained and licensed and exceed industry standards. Supervision and training are a key component of our "Security Plus" program.

Crime and violence in the workplace, internal theft, disputes. These are all too common in today's business world. Precise Protective Research is serious about the protection of your property. We will design, develop, and implement, a program to ensure total protection of your facility. We will perform a comprehensive survey and evaluation of your physical area. We will make recommendations regarding the need for armed or unarmed security officers, roving patrols, "on site" guards at specific and assigned posts, and all other services needed to guarantee safety and security. We offer unparalleled services that exceed industry standards and ensure maximum client satisfaction. To that end, Precise Protective Research Inc. brings an unmatched portfolio of public service experience complemented by superior private/international knowledge and understanding to provide solutions to your security needs.