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At Precise, the use of surveillance and the most sophisticated methods are incorporated into a "team approach" to ensure client satisfaction as well as the highest level of information gathering. Many corporate investigations require surveillance in varying degrees.

Our Approach.
Conducting structured and documented observations of persons or places, to obtain information sounds like an easy task, however this can be extremely difficult and should only be done with skilled and experienced professionals. Surveillances are covert and are conducted with the expectation that certain activities take place during the surveillance, and that the activity is recorded, documented and maintained for possible future use as evidence in a court of law, or other use as determined by the client. There are multiple types of surveillance. At Precise, we utilize many surveillance techniques, all to be determined by the needs of the client.

Regardless of the technique or surveillance needed, it is important for the organization in need of such services to hire a professional investigative company, one that conducts surveillance on a regular basis and is experienced in this most highly specialized area.

At Precise we have forged surveillance teams, lead by former law enforcement personnel with decades of domestic and international experience in narcotics, money laundering, anti-terrorism investigations, and a full cadre of general and technical investigations. We are prepared to meet all your needs. Precise has the experience you want to enable you to solve problems and find solutions to the most complex problems.