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Cargo Security & Inspections

Our Approach.
Precise provides and improves the security of transported goods. As a "pace-setter" and a pioneer in identifying illicit cargo, we believe that our process is of unmatched quality for the following reasons.

  • Precise conducts non-intrusive cargo inspections quickly and accurately, identifying illicit drugs and explosives. This is achieved through the use of cost-effective and "cutting-edge" technologies, including high volume air and vapor analysis, ion spectrometry, and chemical detection systems.
  • The Precise systems are proven and cost effective, quick and accurate. We are able to effectively, and non-intrusively, inspect sealed cargo containers. Our system can stand alone or enhance operations, whether X-ray systems and K-9 units are implemented.
  • Precise provides education and training to enhance the professional development of individuals and organizations, with an interest in the supply chain, and in many cases enhancing the integrity of the process by implementing security "best practices and procedures".
  • Precise gathers and maintains intelligence, related to vulnerabilities in the industry, and we assess and evaluate new trends employed by organized crime, in order to utilize this information to assist the industry with intelligence information.

Precise can assist your organization within all aspects of the supply chain. If you store, manage, or transport, from point of origin to a particular destination, Precise can assist in the safe passage of your cargo. We provide tailored "loss prevention" services to enhance the protection of any organization with interests in the cargo industry. Our security executives and staff are highly experienced in combating smuggling, and other threats to the cargo industry. Precise personnel are trained to exceed industry standards, and all security programs are tailored to the client's needs.

The following is a list of services provided to enhance security or to investigate possible threats:

  • Protective Services by Specialized Security Officers
  • Surveillance Details
  • Undercover Operations
  • Investigations
  • Risk Assessments, Evaluations, and Consulting
  • Cargo Escort Services